Knights of Phantasia Title

5.014 - 10/09/02 --------------------------------
  • Isengard is now at size 35.
  • Mordor is now at size 55.
  • Mount Doom is now at size 115.
  • Monster stats have significantly changed. Monsters page will be updated soon.
  • The Abyss is now located at 2mil.

5.013 - 10/08/02 --------------------------------
  • Mordor is now The Shire.
  • Kenna is now Mordor.
  • Morannon is now Mount Doom.
  • Point of No Return is now the Abyss.
  • The Abyss is located at 5mil and no longer at 1mil.
  • AoN is at 7%. Again. LOL.

5.012 - 10/07/02 --------------------------------
  • You may now hold up to 999 charms/QS.
  • Summon works again.
  • Sanctify adds 5 str, ml and brains each time used.
  • AoN is now at 7% as before.
  • Relocate is curbed to within 1mil.
  • Vaporize no longer works for Valars.
  • Max level is 99k again.
  • PONR is going to be changed to 5mil.

5.011 - 9/20/02 --------------------------------
  • Treasure values boosted a little.

5.010 - 9/19/02 --------------------------------
  • Councils now can heal for 1.5 poison.
  • Do not use Council Summon. It will not work. In fact, you will die if you do use it.
  • Max level is 999k.
  • AoN is now at 10%.

      5.009 - 9/18/02 --------------------------------
      • Valars can no longer Vaporize characters.

      5.008 - 9/17/02 --------------------------------
      • Monster stats tweaked some.
      • King Max Bestow is 5 million gold.
      • Throw Monster and Summon now can send a Dark Lord. Do not use 100-102 as these are not working as of yet.
      • Max sin required to get grail is 0.0000. Otherwise, you go bye bye!

      5.007 - 9/13/02 --------------------------------
      • AoN is now at 7%. It will stay this way from this point on.
      • Character stats tweaked and finished. View them on the character section.

      5.006 - 9/05/02 --------------------------------
      • AoN now has 95% chance against monsters and 55% chance in IT combat.
      • Experimentos can start anywhere between -100k and 100k.
      • Reduced curse rate by 1/3.
      • Holy orbs now take away 0.5 sin.
      • Priests now take away 1.5 sin.
      • Quicksilver should give half the speed.
      • Athelas now take away 1.0 poison.
      • Healing potions take away 2.0 poison.
      • Tablets now increase brains three times more and so do books.
      • Gems are now worth 5k.

      5.006 - 9/05/02 --------------------------------
      • AoN now has 75% chance against monsters and 50% chance in IT combat.
      • Experimentos can start anywhere between -10k and 10k.
      • Balrogs are now Gothmog and The Dark Lord is now Sauron.
      • Gems are worth 10k gold.
      • Degen is every 5000 age.

      5.005 - 9/03/02 --------------------------------
      • Character site changes soon.
      • Tweaked the gold tote per level for each class. Each class can carry quite a bit more gold now.

      5.004 - 9/02/02 --------------------------------
      • Post bug is fixed [Vegeta].
      • Mages increase significantly in mana, magic level, and brains each level.
      • Barbarians are more robust and a lot stronger now, albeit stupider.
      • Paladins are quite a bit more powerful than before.
      • Rangers are smarter and stronger in magic.
      • Clerics and Druids are now more intelligent.
      • Experimentos are the same as ever, since everyone is having so much fun with them. :)

      5.003 - 8/31/02 --------------------------------
      • If you are consumed, you become a Nazgul.
      • Experimentos can now start anywhere between -5000 and 5000.

      5.002 - 8/30/02 --------------------------------
      • Councils are now back to 3k.
      • You can now be king until lvl 3k again.
      • Monster stats have changed significantly. Most strength has been reduced.

      5.002 - 8/29/02 --------------------------------
      • Max QS is changed to +9999.
      • To be council you must be lvl 25k.
      • Kings now can be kings till lvl 10k.
      • Crowns are now only worth 500k gold.

      5.001 - 8/29/02 --------------------------------
      • Max QS is now +999999.
      • Level cap is now Level 99999.
      • Charms cost more, as few are needed to overthrow the DL.
      • Swords and Books are significantly lower in price.
      • Kings may now be king until Level 3k.
      • Crowns are worth 1 million gold.

      5.000 - 8/27/02 --------------------------------
      • Silver obtained control of the original version. Class changes coming again soon.

      4.032 - 5/1/02


      • Swapped elf and mage strength.
      • Replaced profanities with smurfs.

      4.031 - 4/1/02


      • Lowered starting strengths for all characters except elves, strength gain rates, and sword effectiveness. Melee characters were getting too powerful.
      • Fixed bug with throw smurf.
      • Strengthened Morgoth slightly and reduced his treasure.
      • Fixed bug with quitting in cracks of doom.
      • Increased blessing cost to fix loophole

      4.03 - 3/18/02


      • Tweaked character stats. Dwarves and Halflings were too hard and Elves too easy with the new speed equations for blessings, so speed and strength were revamped. Elves and mages swapped strength, fighters and dwarves swapped strength. Halflings +3 speed, dwarves +1, mages -1.
      • Magic resistance taken from dwarves and given to halflings. Dwarves still keep improved resting rate.
      • Weakened energy void to be less effective than degenerate.
      • Rings may, with a low probability, randomly force the user to use them.
      • Removed rounding errors with quicksilver.
      • Removed the old scoreboard as it accidentally got overwritten.
      • Fixed a couple of bugs with null names.
      • Merchants now boot people who leave on a post.
      • Councils and higher are now immune to throw smurf.
      • Dwarf and fighter strength swapped back to old values.

      4.022 - 1/21/02


      • Fixed players running into events after they die / use quit button by adding more checks.
      • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to move to the throne.
      • Fixed a bug that allowed council members to cure poison.
      • Fixed a bug with calling monster 0 from a pick scroll.
      • Hunting is now disallowed on posts so that people cannot easily pick up gold safely and enter a post.
      • Druids now give playing tips as well as experience.
      • Corpses are now removed from the realm at a rate based on level.
      • Books doubled in price to emphasize the difference between the classes.
      • Amulets now sold at 900. Amulets lowered in price initially but are now level-dependent like blessings.
      • Swords increased back to 500 gold per plus, but made much more effective and based on character strength. This will make the stronger classes more effective in the late game. Swords sold at 1600 now, and the sword treasures have been reduced in strength to compensate (but they will tend to be stronger than before).
      • The help button no longer ages characters.
      • All or nothing is more successful against characters with high levels or sin.
      • Closing the applet will no longer allow the player to bypass events such as monsters summoned by shriekers.
      • Morgoth's strength now based solely on energy and shield. Force fields have been now removed, but he's been significantly weakened.
      • Gandalf now checks sin for each spell he can cast on you.
      • Apprentices are now always able to evade inter-player combat.
      • Due to the changes in swords, Morgoth can no longer be nicked.
      • Becoming Dark Lord no longer puts you on the scoreboard.
      • A player will die now when strength reaches 0.
      • The server will now mute a player if a player sends too many super-long messages.
      • The treasure trove is now encountered before a monster so that evading a monster on the trove square doesn't lose the treasure.
      • Fixed a bug where Councils could heal blindness.
      • Fixed a bug involving the crowning of a new valar.
      • Made the ring toss easier to understand.
      • Fixed a bug where the trove became an energy void.
      • Fixed a bug with the accounting of extra-long messages.
      • Treasure trove now appears a little further out on average.
      • Fixed a bug with the king's dying locking up the game.
      • In order to provide a testing ground for complaints about the monster speed code, when experimentos now encounter morons, a moron will always match a player's speed. This gives a straight 50% chance per round that the player will get a move against a fairly harmless creature. Please fight at least 1000 rounds with a moron and collect data on the number of hits a moron gets for each player action before coming to a wizard about the fighting code being broken.
      • Made the medics more reasonable about curing large amounts of poison.
      • Morgoth is more likely to show up when an ex-valar is near the grail.

      4.021 - 12/31/01


      • The scoreboard is reset and the old scoreboard is available from the Info menu.
      • Saruman can bypass a player's charm stash to scramble charms and amulets. However, he will not do so if the player has more amulets than charms. In addition, sin has been put back into the stat scramble equation.
      • A palantir is now required to enter channel 8, and players in channel 8 are forced to hear everything in channel 1 and immune to slapping.
      • The Balrog now drains a percentage of a player's experience and transfers a small portion of it to his strength. NOTE: A bug made him too powerful, fixed.
      • Titans now always punch through a force field and damage your shield when they hit you.
      • The Jabberwock now burbles away half your quicksilver.
      • The Dark Lord now needs significantly more charms to be overthrown and also may drop a palantir. In addition, only large-size Dark Lords will drop The One Ring.
      • The speed scroll is now slightly less effective for most players.
      • If you have a blessing already, the treasure trove gives charms to the needy.
      • Fixed a bug with the king not getting dethroned after hitting level 2000.
      • A player may no longer luckout in purgatory. This closes a loophole that allowed players to attempt multiple luckouts on the same monster.
      • Tweaked the medic equations a little so that players couldn't go to a post and then spend very little to get cured.
      • The tax rate on gold has increased slightly.
      • Smeagols and trolls no longer destroy charms with their special attacks.
      • Charms usage has been greatly increased for mages and fighters and greatly reduced for experimentos, halflings, and dwarves. This should improve the survival rates of dwarves and halflings.
      • Silmarils now become less effective when the maximum speed for that character type is reached.
      • It is now possible to acquire the One Ring while carrying another ring of power.
      • Books are now half as effective as they used to be past a certain point. (NOTE: Fixed a bug with this.)
      • Players now need a sword (at least +1) to nick.
      • King and valar information is now saved across server crashes, making the positions much more permanent
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