Knights have only one chance in life. Although your character is saved in a common file when you leave the game via the quit button, it is removed when restored with the proper password, and can not be re-restored if the character dies. In addition, the save file is frequently purged of inactive characters.

When the client and the server disconnect, the game saves your characters as soon as possible. If you are in combat, your character will leave when you get a chance to attack and a fresh monster will be summoned upon return. If you return to find your character gone, then you had no chances to attack. In a battle with another player, the game will try to evade until you are free of the battle or dead.

All Knights have a distinctive class. In addition to attributes, this character class also determines how much gold a player may carry, how long until rings can overcome the player, and how much mana the character can have. The current classes are (the names in brackets are the soon to come classes):

Mage - While not very strong or robust, Mages still even out the battlefield because of their immense arcane talent and intelligence. [Lvl 1k Power - N/A]

Paladin - Paladins are an extremely exceptional character. Speed, Strength, Intelligence and a little robust. However, they do lack the power to defeat large enemies with magic. [Lvl 1k Power - Bless - N/A]

Cleric - Clerics, of course, are holy fighters. Average strength and more or less energetic, they do have very powerful arcane talent. [Lvl 1k Power - Heal - N/A]

Barbarian - Savages tend to have tempers. Barbarians are no exception. What they lack in speed and intelligence, they make up for in strength and they live quite a bit longer. [Lvl 1k Power - Berserk - N/A]

Druid - Friends to nature, Druids are a skittish lot. They enjoy the fruits of intelligence and of arcane talent, and have some strength. [Lvl 1k Power - Summon - N/A]

Experimento - The most fun character to play I've noticed over the years, has been the X. X's have been modified significantly. They also have the ability to start anywhere from -5k to 5k coords in the realm. [Lvl 1k Power - Relocate Self - N/A]

Ranger - Rangers are strong, intelligent, and fast. Yet they lack a significant amount of longevity. [Lvl 1k Power - Track - N/A]

Each character class starts off with base statistics. These attributes are rolled randomly from the following list:

Type Strength Quick Mana Energy Brains Magic
Mage 20-25 29-34 50-100 40-60 50-65 7-10
Paladin 50-75 31-36 30-45 50-75 20-30 2-5
Cleric 40-50 34-38 40-75 30-50 40-55 5-8
Barbarian 80-99 20-25 35-59 350-430 30-40 3-6
Druid 60-83 27-32 40-80 60-85 60-75 5-8
Experimento 40 31 60 65 50 4
Ranger 50-69 26-31 40-84 60-110 60-79 7-10

Not only are the starting characteristics different for the various character types, the characteristics progress at different rates for each class type as the character goes up in level. An experimento's characteristics progress randomly as one of the other class types. The progression as characters increase in level is summarized in the following table.

Type Strength Mana Energy Brains Magic
Mage 1 100 20 10 10
Paladin 7 50 75 6 2.5
Cleric 2 65 30 9 8.5
Barbarian 10 50 100 2 3
Druid 3 30 30 8 7
Experimento 4 30 45 5 2
Ranger 5 65 50 5 6

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