A player automatically becomes a member of the Council of the Wise upon reaching level 3000. The main purpose in life for members of the Council is to seek the Holy Grail, although messing with the other players is also fun. Upon finding the grail, the player ascends to the position of valar if the player has infinitesimally small sin. Otherwise, it's all over.

The Holy Grail does little for non-Council members. Whenever anyone finds it, it moves, but it is always located within 1e+6 in any compass direction of the origin.

Councilmen also gain 3 lives at the point of attaining Councilship.

All Council of the Wise have intervene options that cost one degeneration per usage. These options are:

Seek Grail
- This will reveal the approximate distance to the Holy Grail. A palantir is required to cast this spell, but it is much less accurate for ex-valars.

- This command allows you to summon any monster number 90-98.

- Heals another player.

- Gives poison to another player.

- Sends target player from their coords. Several thousand paces away normally. This varies of course.

- Gives a degeneration to target player.

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