Step into the realm of Knights of Phantasia, where the darkness may destroy you. Save virgins, kill your fellow man, become rich, buy better equipment and battle your way to the highest pinnacle of the game: The Valar!

Destroy the Dark Lord. All will tremble and flee before your wrath.

Kill your fellow man. Anyone irritating you? Hell, kill em!

Become King or Queen of the Realm
- The crown is upon your head. All Hail the Royal Personage! Curse, Transport, Make a void, Bestow gold, and obtain the taxes as you plow your way to become one of the Greats!

Enter The Council of the Wise
- Mighty One! You are one step from the highest attainable position by a player in the realm. Summon monsters to yourself, heal others in kindness, curse them for their impudence, banish them to the netherrealms and seek the grail to become the Valar!

Attain the Position of Valar
- Greatest of the Greats! All tremble for you are now the true Lord of the realm! Smite, Bless, Cure, Throw Monsters, and Vaporize at your whim. For all, except Game Wizards, are subject to ye!

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The Phantasia Realm

Character Statistics

Character Creation

The Phantasia Interface

General Commands

Character Equipment


The Monsters

Inter-terminal Combat



The King

The Council of the Wise

The Valar

Phantasia Tips

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