Players may become kings when they discover a Golden Crown dropped by some of the tougher monsters and returning to the origin which is known as the Lords Chamber.

Once a player is king or queen, he or she gains the ability to avoid death (at the cost of losing the throne). He/she may also do certain things while in The Lord's Chamber. These are exercised with the decree option at the main command screen. The king may also teleport anywhere for free when using The Lord's Chamber as a starting place.

- Transport players that annoy you to random coords in the realm.

- Curse a player at the cost of sin. Give them poison to force them to suffer.

Energy Void
- Using coords, an energy void may be cast on the spot and the person that hits it has energy and str taken away permanently while also obtaining poison.

- Bestow a portion of your wealth as ye see fit to players of your choice.

Collect Taxes
- Obtain the taxes gathered in your absence and use them to purchase items or bestow to less fortunate players.

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