Policy Regarding Other Phantasias

  • 1) The recent chat ban on any version of Phantasia has been lifted. All, with the exception of Pads, are allowed to play. However, you MUST follow chat rules. Or go bye bye.
  • 2) As to the wizards boosting and apprentices just handing out and such? I have a reply to that. Thats bullshit. Simple, easy, absolute bullshit. Wizard boosting will not occurr anywhere, and I REPEAT, anywhere at anytime in Knights of Phantasia. As to Apprentices. For one, that code isn't implemented in the KoP code. Second, I choose my wizards for what they do for me. Not because they ask. Begging for Wizship is a BAD thing.
  • 3) If anyone has a problem with this, feel free to email, IM, or talk to me in the chats. Other than that, good day. - Silver

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