• The Gods of Knights of Phantasia

The Game Administrators

The Game Administrators are Silver and Pengant. They are in charge of the administration and have final say on any matters regarding KoP, whether play, changes, rules, ect. Any suggestions, ideas, questions, or comments to need to be directed towards Silver and Pengant. If they are not in the game, you may give the pertinent information to a Game Wizard or Disciple and they will inform them of the situation.

The Game Coders

Coders are rather difficult to find. Very good and experienced ones are even tougher to locate. Wulf and FooFlower are two of the best coders we have met and we are pleased that they are working with us on Knights of Phantasia. They are our coders and have full chat moderation powers.

The Webmistress

The current webmistress, Eden, has a temper. Heh. A BIG BAD temper. Don't piss her off. Good in bed though. Ahem. Anyhow. Yes, Eden is our Webmistress and is responsible for the upkeep and maintenence of the site.

The Moderators

Game Disciples can be rather abrupt and outspoken. Dun mind it too much, as they also have a nasty temper. Annoying them isn't a good idea. However, they do their job efficiently and well, therefore, they have the Administrator's complete trust to do what is right and according to the rules. The ones in charge of the chatroom are TragicLove and Normality. While they answer to Silver and Pengant, they still have semi-autonomy in the rooms. However, anything done must coincide with the rules set down by the Admin. The Disciples are Leador, Nahla, Abnormal, Nahum, and Wodan. They have the right to ban, mute, and kick as they will for any infraction to the Law.

Code of the Wizards - The Law

  • No boosting! If a character is boosted, it is immediately squished. No ifs, ands, or buts. The ONLY exception to this rule are full game wizards.
  • Understand, a Disciple is the voice of the Wizards when they are not around. Therefore, treat them with respect and do as they say, unless it interferes with gameplay, in which case, notify Silver, Pengant, or the Chat Room Directors.
  • Cursing is allowed on all channels except channel 1. This will be enforced. Derogatory language is not acceptable on channel 1. Keep it clean. It is strictly a newbie help/general discussion channel. If a staffmember is in chan 9, do not bother them.
  • Dun worry, spammers! The server will take care of ya!
  • Treat each other with respect. No one is to crap on someone else. I won't have any grudges brought onto here. This goes for both Wizards and Players.
  • Killing Staff characters is a bad idea. You will get an IMMEDIATE squish and ban should it occur.
  • Reporting bugs may or may not give you a reward. If one is found, email Silver.
  • Final rule is to Have FUN!
  • The Herald of the Gods

  • View The Phantasia Realms Policy of Knights of Phantasia.
  • Site server change soon along with revamping of the site.
  • Keep in mind, any recruitments done will be added on to your total amount of recruitment points when the Incentives Program starts Oct 17th. This will last until January 1st, 2003.

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